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Saturday 10-10:45am Free Class  start with the free class and learn the basic steps in Foxtrot. This will give you a good start.


Saturday 11-12pm.Class $10   This Class will be a progressive format for the month and cover a variety of styles of dance (ballroom,latin,night club).   You will learn a variety steps and develop a routine which will enable you to implement utilize.


Thursday Night 6-7: Class  $10   This class will cover the technique of  leading, following, and other concepts which will help make your dancing more fun!  

Getting Started

New Student Special, $99

Singles or Couples - 2 Private lessons.

Must be completed within 14 days!

Use Contact page to ASK the Teacher
Saturday 10-10:45 Free Class Foxtrot
Saturday 11-12pm $10 W.C.Swing
Thursday 6-7:00pm $10 Hustle

     Nov.  Classes

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